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It all started when…

I began My Little Apothecary, a small-batch herbal shop, located here in Amherst, New Hampshire. Sharing herbal products and teaching those how to make remedies were of growing interest to the community. As time passed it was apparent that winter cold and flu prevention were of particular interest and people became very curious about using elderberry syrup and elderberry products. Elderberries are now in high demand and unfortunately the supply is very much limited. Although they are native to much of the Northern Hemisphere, their abundance in commercial production are far less than the demand. My Little Apothecary has taken the steps forward in producing a small elderberry farm for the community and supplying those with the information and resources necessary in establishing elderberry plants in backyards for personal use.

In addition, the Herbal Farm Project will provide an educational Herbal Garden for the community. Understanding herbs, what they look like, where they grow, and how to use them are skills that were once taught and passed along within families. Let’s reintroduce those skills and continue to enjoy the magic of plants.

More to come!