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Elderberry Elixir

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Elderberry Elixir


Elderberry Elixir is a fantastic way to boost your immune system! 

What is an Elixir? An Elixir is just a fancy word used when alcohol and sugar (in this case raw honey) are combined. They make an alcohol based extraction more tasty and enjoyable. No refrigeration is required, therefore it’s great for on the go!

This special blend can be taken on a daily basis to prevent illness such as the common cold/flu or taken multiple times throughout the day during illness. It tastes deliciously sweet!

The elderberries and rose hips are packed with nutrients and high in Vitamin A, B, and C. Ginger and Cinnamon are great at increasing general circulation while clove can help loosen mucus and act as a numbing agent.  The raw honey added is packed with antioxidants and contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  So much goodness in a jar! This product does contain organic potato vodka (gluten free)

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Elderberry Elixir (Organic Potato Vodka (gluten free), Organic Elderberry, Organic Rose Hip, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Clove, Organic Ginger, Raw Local Honey)

Contains Raw Honey - Do not consume if under 1 years old.

Small batches made in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle

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