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Cramp Bark Tincture - Muscle Aches & Cramps

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Cramp Bark Tincture.jpg

Cramp Bark Tincture - Muscle Aches & Cramps


Cramp Bark Tincture helps relieve muscle aches, cramps, and spasms.

Tinctures are concentrated extracts of herbs, typically made with alcohol as the primary solvent. The maceration period can take up to 6 weeks, the herbs are then strained from the liquid, and bottled.  Tinctures can last for many years if stored in a cool, dark place. 

Cramp bark is well known for easing both painful menstrual cramp and muscle cramps. It is considered a uterine decongestant, meaning it aids when signs of bloating, cramping, and delayed menses occur. Take before or during menstruation. 

 When “throwing your back out”, this herb is great for decreasing the discomfort (with rest of course!). The bark is also used to relieve urinary pain, abdominal pain associated with IBS, spasmodic coughing, restless legs, and tension headaches. 


Cramp Bark Tincture (Organic Cramp Bark & Vodka)

1 oz Glass Dropper Bottle

Suggested Use: Add 1-2 dropperfuls to 2 oz of water, or any other beverage 2-5 times a day. Best taken between meals. Shake well before using. 

*Avoid if on anticoagulant pills*

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